Friday, May 25, 2007

Road to Bandung...

Last year (December, 2006), the grade 6th in my school (included Me!!), were having a field trip to Bandung. There are 3 bus; Bus 1, Bus 2 and Bus 3. I was in Bus 3, with four of my classmates, Anya, Aubrie and Nicol, and some other boys from my class. On the way to Bandung, me and my 3 friends are having fun. We listened to some music, ate snacks, read magazines, play with our cell phones, taking picture, and also taking a nap.
When we arrived at Bandung, we ate lunch at Sindang Reret Restaurant.
We 6th graders, stayed at Sindang Reret Hotel.
While in Bandung, we saw the historical KAA Building, Boscha, and Saung Mang Udjo, where we enjoys some kids playing Angklung, a traditional Indonesian music instrument that were made from bamboo. We were all having fun.
At the hotel, at night, we stood around the big campfire, and every class has to perform a song.
It was a fun night. We only stayed there for a day. In the morning, we were having out-bond. It was very exciting, and some of us has to end up being wet, because of swimming in some kind of pond, including me. Hahaha.
We went home for Jakarta at last in the afternoon. We were very tired. We went home by bus, and it was a long way back to Jakarta. Some of us, went to Jakarta by bus to be picked up in Lebak Bulus Stadium, some of us went back to school, only for those who lived near school. Even some of us were picked up straight at Bandung.
I took the bus that went to Lebak Bulus, Jakarta. I was picked up by my father.
It was such a great field trip I have ever been to.......

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This website is really cool. In this website you can see the lyrics of every song from the west. You can print it and keep it. To log on this website, first type Then, click one of the letter in the alphabet above at the homepage. You click the first letter of your favorite singer...

Hilary Duff, so click "H".

Then, the website will show all the singers that started with the letter "H". Then You search for your favorite singer (example(above): Hilary Duff).

And after you click it, there's going to be another page that shows her/his songs base on her/his album (example: Singer: Hilary Duff, Album: Most Wanted, Song: Getaway).
Then it will show the lyrics of the songs.
You can even print it then keep it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is homepage. So if you open, the homepage will be like this. If you want to sign up or sign in, just click the "Log in" or "SIGN UP". But don't forget to "Log out" from if you are done:)!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

1 ) Fun Website

I know this website from my brother. To me this website is really fun to play and cool too. The website is is how you play the game:.....

If you want to play games and create your own pet, you have to sign up first (and you need a parent or a guidance to help you out, according to your age). Then it's time to create a pet by click the button "Create a pet". But you have to take care of your pet. You can make maximum 4 pets of your own. If you want to get a lot of money to take care of your pet by giving them foods and other things, just build yourself a shop, (or you can play games at the website and you if you win you can get some money) then when you look at your items and if there any items that can be sell, just put it in your shop and just wait until someone bought it.

WARNING: YOU CAN ONLY PLAY AT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN E-MAIL, SO YOU CAN ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT AND PLAY THE GAME. FIRST: Look at your inbox, then if they're any e-mail that says "WELCOME TO NEOPETS", you read it. Then when you see any sentences that says CLICK HERE to activate your account in Neopet, so click it. Then go back to, and there you go!! Your account has been activated and you can start the game with your NEOPET!!

Have FUN......!!!!!:):)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Family Vacation

I like vacation especially with my family. I went to another countries and cities with family and we have a lot of fun. But if you want to have FUN, you should go where you and your family can hang out together, and make sure that not only you are having fun. If it's hard for you to choose a place for a vacation with family, just take your family to the mall or the beach, or probably just stay at home and watch a movie together, (TIPS: If it's rainy at home, just make a cup of hot chocolate for everybody). But, if you and your family are going out of country, go to a place that has a lot of sites to see, or maybe just take a tour. Just don't forget, if you want to have a family vacation, you and your FAMILY have to have fun, and not just you. Well... have a nice vacation with family!! See ya....!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

About Me

Hi my name is Nadya Zafira, but everybody call me Nadya. I live with my parents, my little brother, and my grandfather in an ordinary house in Jakarta, Indonesia. I born in February 26 1995 in Jakarta, Indonesia. My hobby and interests are arts and swimming. I went to school in SBI Madania, that's in Parung-Bogor, West Java.Now I'm in the 6th grade. I have alot of friends at school. My school is really nice and also very discipline. I don't like Math and sometimes science and history lesson, cause sometimes it's hard but sometimes it's pretty easy. I like pop and classic music. My favorite food is chicken drumsticks. My favorite drink is avocado juice with chocolate condensed milk (hmmm yummy...). My favorite TV channel are Disneychannel and Nickelodeon, because they are so cool and full of cartoon. My favorite TV show are "That so Raven" and "Pimp my ride". I like comedy, action, and cartoon movies. I have black and short curly hair. My skin is light brown (not peach). I'm not that tall and I'm also not that small. I'm not that smart, but sometimes I like learning stuff. I'm also a little bit good at computer games. My favorite computer games are "The Sims" and "Luxor". My website is about family vacations, fun websites, and activities that we can do at home or other places!!. Well that's all about me...!!